Harnick Orthodontics
Putting the pedal to the metal

on your new smile.

Our doctors are proud providers of AcceleDent, the fast track to a straighter smile. AcceleDent works with braces or Invisalign, providing patients 38% to 50% faster treatment time!

How Does it Work?

AcceleDent™ is an appliance that complements braces or Invisalign® to accelerate tooth movement and provide quicker treatment time. It works by inserting a mouthpiece that’s fitted around your braces and turning on the activator for 20 minutes each day. When activated, AcceleDent™ generates a series of gentle vibrations to stimulate the bone to restructure at an accelerated pace—38% to 50% faster. Patients typically experience no discomfort using AcceleDent™ and often have less discomfort when using AcceleDent™.

AcceleDent™ is a proven safe instrument that has been approved by the FDA.

Your smile’s waited

long enough.