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Patient Review 1:I am 22 years old and prior to being treated by Dr. Harnick’s office I had terribly crooked teeth. The thought of getting big shiny metal braces seemed embarrassing considering my age. Before consulting Dr. Harnick I was told by another orthodontist that I would need jaw surgery to correct my bite. Dr. Harnick suggested I be treated with Invisalign and never mentioned anything about surgery! To fix my teeth without jaw surgery, Dr. H recommended I attach small rubber bands to my aligners. I could not believe that tiny pieces of rubber and two pieces of plastic were straightening my teeth. It took about a year and a half to finish my treatment. I thought this was a short time considering how crooked my teeth were. Having a beautiful smile has given me so much confidence and Dr. Harnick took extra measures to make sure my smile was as perfect as possible. I cannot say enough nice things about my experience. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Harnick was such a great guy to work with.

Patient Review 2:

He’s a great orthodontist. He knows exactly what he’s doing I would highly recommend him. He helped a lot with my teeth and even fixed my jaw in a way that it helped my migraines. He is a great guy.

Patient Review 3:

We just love Dr. Harnick. He took a difficult situation and developed an outstanding solution. Fixed another ortho’s mistakes and gave our son a beautiful smile. Prevented surgery with sound experience and attention to the problem. Not your basic orthodontist–exceptional.

Patient Review 4:

Dr. Harnick, Emily, Wendy, Tasha and the other staff members are extremely professional. Every appointment we made – they were on time and ready and as a working mom I really appreciate their promptness. Everyone has treated me and my daughter with care and respect – everyone is very kind. Whenever we have questions they make sure we really understand the answers. We are not quite finished with treatment – my daughter lost her retainers – as soon as they knew this – they made an appointment – I have complete faith that Dr. Harnick and his staff will know how to handle this problem and continue to provide my daughter with a beautiful straight smile. I plan on having them give me braces in the near future. I totally trust them.

Patient Review 5:

I went to Dr. H a few years ago because I didn’t like the way my smile looked. I don’t have one complaint! Dr. H and his staff were friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were thoroughly answered and he made sure I understood every step of the process. Not only was the treatment painless, but it was actually fun. Dr. Harnick is professional and easy to get along with. He even surprised me and took my braces off early! I couldn’t be happier with my smile. Everybody compliments me. My general dentist agrees that he did a wonderful job. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Harnick to anybody.

Patient Review 6:

I have searched for 2 years for help with my sleep apnea. Dr. Harnick fitted me with a sleep device called somno-dent that made an immediate change in my life! I am getting at least 60% more sleep per night, energy, vitality and clear thinking have returned! Thank you, thank you!

Patient Review 7:

Dr. Harnick et al are all fantastic. My son rarely complains about his braces and has absolutely no anxiety about going to see Dr. Harnick. The cost is not astronomical but I believe you get what you pay for and with Dr. Harnick you are paying for quality and service.

Highly recommended

Patient Review 8:

I would highly recommend this orthodontist. The entire office makes you feel like family. They listen to their patients concerns and educate them clearly on the processes that will take place. Dr. Harnick also took the time and explained my sons narrow pallet and how that might be part of my sons breathing and sleeping problems. We had been to several doctors and no one could resolve the problem. Since Dr. Harnick’s treatment, my son sleeps, has more energy, is not wheezy and can breathe through his nose for the first time in 15 years! My sons pallet is now where it should be and we are on the final stretch in Phase 1 to a pretty smile. Dr. Harnick has very fair prices and worked on payment methods as well. We will be back with my other children as well. It is nice to have a facility where they truly care about their patients not just the dollar……excellent job! It has been a pleasure to use Dr. Harnick’s services.

Patient Review 9:

I just finished my orthodontic treatment with Dr. H, and my teeth look and feel wonderful. We found Dr. Harnick and his amazing staff after almost two years with Dr. Anderson. We did not have a positive experience there, for there was always another problem coming up with my orthodontic treatment there. After visiting Dr. H, he flawlessly corrected the mistakes Anderson had made while further improving my bite and teeth; all within a reasonable 6-7 month time frame. After being with Dr. H, I discovered more of my friends who have switched to Harnick Orthodontics due to bad past experiences. Harnick Orthodontics was worth while, and now I have a beautiful lifetime smile. I most certainly recommend Dr. Harnick and his welcoming staff to my friends and to others who are in need of a stellar orthodontist. Thanks Dr. Harnick!

Patient Review 10:

Dr. Harnick is my daughter’s orthodontist. We are seeing amazing results! Her smile started changing after just a few weeks. He is very professional, and we are very pleased that we chose his office. His staff is very knowledgeable and very friendly. We are 100% satisfied.

Patient Review 11:

We’ve had a very positive experience and have already recommended Dr. Harnick to others. I have two children in braces currently and although the cost of orthodontics isn’t covered by our current dental insurance, his fee schedule was comparable with the three others I interviewed. I value his knowledge base and the time he takes to interact with my sons and me.

Patient Review 12:

My 8 year old daughter started ortho treatment with Dr. Harnick last March. She has a complex case due to thumb sucking, so she’ll be in treatment until her teen years. She has had braces, palate spreader, lower crozat appliance, upper retainer and headgear (night-wear only, and not all at once). We’ve been thrilled with the results so far! The difference in her bite, smile and even facial structure is amazing!
She has never complained of any discomfort or pain of any kind. We love Dr. Harnick and his warm, friendly staff. Dr. Harnick is interested in accomplishing our orthodontic goals in the least invasive way possible for our daughter. He believes that orthodontics shouldn’t interfere with a kid’s normal daily life, so much of what our daughter needs is only worn at night.

The office is new and very clean. We’ve never had to wait longer than a few minutes to be seen. We feel that the level of personal attention we receive is terrific. The office is successful without being crowded with too many patients/families.

We compared prices with two other offices in the area which were highly recommended. We found Dr. Harnick’s prices to be comparable and affordable.

We would definitely recommend Dr. Harnick to others!

Patient Review 13:

Dr. David Harnick is truly one of a kind. Having seen another orthodontist for my original braces and being very dissatisfied, I saw Dr. Harnick and was so shocked. I really think that he is a master of his trade. His knowledge combined with passion for helping people is incredible. He worked to devise a treatment plan that worked best for me and went through all the possible options with me carefully, making sure I understood what he was doing and why. He stays up to date and it shows, but he does so to give the best patient care I have encountered from any health professional I have ever seen. Dr. Harnick is not only an absolute expert in his field, but also a genuinely nice guy and a lot of fun. My experience with him as my orthodontist has been awesome and I fully recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. H!

Patient Review 14:

I always wanted my teeth straightened, but being an adult I was very hesitant about wearing braces. Luckily I found Dr. Harnick, who recommended Invisalign. And boy was that a great thing! He did an awesome job and now I have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. I could not be happier with the outcome. And going to his office was a great experience. It is very lovely and relaxing, and his staff is wonderful. I can’t recommend him enough. You will be very happy with your outcome.

Patient Review 15:

Dr. Harnick started treatment on my son about 2 months ago,we have been very pleased with the treatment that he recommended. Dr. Harnick is very nice and is always willing to answer any questions that we may have. My son loves going in for his regular checkups. Along with Dr. Harnick his staff is also great!!!!!!!

Patient Review 16:

Dr. H: He is a competent dentist and his staff is top notch. My son and I have been to other dentists and found that this Dental family is where we feel most welcomed. They are proactive in their treatment and care about their patients concerns. As a adult wearing braces….I am glad I chose Dr. H.

Patient Review 17:

Dr. Harnick and his staff are excellent, friendly and professional. They make my appointments a breeze, and the two years that I’ve had my braces have really flown by. I’m an older adult, and they have worked with me to use white braces so that the braces have a minimal effect on my appearance. My braces are coming off soon, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to get my teeth straightened. I would highly recommend Dr. Harnick and his staff to anyone that is considering braces.

Patient Review 18:

We highly recommend Dr. Harnick and the awesome staff at Harnick Orthodontics. Dr. Harnick provides a personal touch to the entire process: from introducing himself with a personal phone call to clearly explaining your treatment plan. My preteen daughter previously suffered breathing difficulty and pain related to her palate and jaw. Harnick Orthodontics has made a world of difference in her life. Go with Harnick Orthodontics – You will not regret it for an instant!

Patient Review 19:

I can’t say enough wonderful things abuot Dr. Harnick and his staff! I just finished invisalign treatment with outstanding results. I originally started invisalign treatment to make some adjustments to my jaw but had the added benefit of straightening my teeth. My smile is wonderful and all of my jaw problems are now non-existent. Dr. Harnick is truly fantastic! To say he is a master at his trade is an understatement. His office runs like clockwork and his staff is the best around. I never thought orthodontic treatment could be so pleasant. I will definitely take my kids to Dr. Harnick with their orthodontic needs in the future.

Patient Review 20:

Dr. Harnick is absolutely excellent! As a retired adult missing a front tooth and two lower teeth and with crooked lower teeth, I had never found an orthodontist that was willing to straighten the teeth that I have. Other orthodontists wanted to add teeth and re-build my entire mouth. Dr. Harnick’s plan was to remove one lower tooth and straighten all of the remaining teeth using INVISALIGN. The entire process took less than 11 months and I am absolutely pleased with the results! I can now smile and show off my well-aligned teeth! Dr. Harnick is a true expert, and a master of orthodontics. He and his staff were always knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, and fun to be around. My highest recommendations for Dr. Harnick and his staff.

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